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Service Promise

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Sincere serve users to build up Shifeng brand


1. Service Concept

Customers first, Serve customer

2. Service Principle

1).  To follow the principle to meet customers’ request, put customers as the center and carry out family oriented services.

2).  To rapid respond and immediate act. To provide customers the most satisfied service with the most effective method in shortest time.

3).  To overall track customers’ using conditions and friquently visit them to make them feeling Shifeng’s service is just by their sides.

3. Perfect and fast spare parts supply system

Shifeng group set up market strategic reserve stores of spare parts and Chinese largest agricultural machinery spare parts distribution center. Shifeng group carry out smooth logistics project to ensure 24-hour un-broken loading, delivery and shipping.

Shifeng group ensure to supply spare parts to all customers in time. Shifeng group suggest customers to pruchase enough spare parts when ordering vehicles or machines to guarantee perfect aft sevice on local market. And we can supply enough spare parts when customers need. We will supply urgent spare parts and send by sea or air shipping to recover vehicle or machines’ working as soon as possible.


4. Full stage service platform

1).  Shifeng group developed online office system to implement remote operation by Internet resources. We can quickly master users’ information and market information and track our services in full stage. 

2).  Shifeng group set up a hotline service to enable users feedback by simple calling it. Service operator are required to maitain well written records every time and report it to the relevant department or leader for instruction to solve the problem. 

3).  Shifeng group set up market information feedback program. Marketing manager or customers can feedback market demand, user comments or suggestions and product quality information by fax, email at any time.  All feedback will be collected by information service center and devide to production, technology, quality inspection and other relevant departments after analysis to improved our products and services.

5.Effective service supervision system

In order to regulate service condition, Shifeng group developed strict penalty rules and responsibility investigation system to supervision department. Supervisor will specifically visit cusdealers to investigate marketing manager and technician’s service behavior  in order to improve service level and guarantee service quality.

Shifeng group always study services closely around market and continuely provide service beyond user expectations in order to meet customers’needs. We take away customers’ troubles and drop Shifeng sincerity with our earnest sevice!