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Cultural Concept

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● Core values

Pragmatic, seeking strict, civilization, optimization

● Development Strategy

1, Development Vision: To be famous in China and the world.

2, Development Mission: To benefit user, employees, and society.

3, Product Positioning: Transport machinery

4, Development Philosophy: Big development is difficult, Small development is more difficult, And no development is most difficult.

5, “To create famous brand and top position" is the eternal goal of Shifeng group.

6, Development of Shifeng Group bring dignity to every employee.

7, Relationship between leadership and employee:  Ties like flesh and blood, feeling like fish and water.

8, To increase transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and speeden development of strategic emerging industries.

● Advertising Slogan

Shifeng Shifeng, Runnig on every road

● Human resource development concept

1, To love motherland, to love Shifeng, to love job

2, Basic requirements of managers (engage in business management):

Be honest, proficient, efficient, wholehearted, devotion to public duty first

3, Manager (engage in business management personnel) work principles:

Focus on learning, bold practice, negative self, sublimate Standard, Specificate mechanism, innovate management,  United bent, cultivate talent, technology development, to seize the market, strive to benefit and create development

4, Staff diathesis requirements:

Strong in Polity, fine in business, upright in behaviour and new concepts.

5, Work standard: The highest standards of the industry is the minimum requirement of Shifeng.

6, There is nothing can not be done, but people who can not get it done.

7, Everyone is in charge of everything.

8, Everyone is a talent.

9, One has to find a job tomorrow if he is not working hard today.

10, Insurance does not guarantee.

11, One must have not only ability to do things, but also have moral character

● Quality concept

1, The output is money but quality is life, one can not ask for money more than life.

2, Top quality management project

3, Red management project

4, To hit the one first who hit the bowl of Shifeng.

5, To make top quality goods and the first in industry.

6, The market is the final standard to test the quality of products.

7, The quality of circular ring (mass conservation principle): The user determines our destiny, quality determines the user's choice, we decide the quality of the merits, our own destiny in our own hands.

8, Quality policy: To ensure product quality with technology and equipment , to enhance product quality with technology 

9, To improve quality of the staff career development with a small step is a big step forward to Shifeng development.

● Science and technology concept

1, To transform traditional industries with high and new technology. 

2, To move always a step faster than Competitors. 

3, Integration strategy of high differency and low cost.

● Marketing concept

1, User need first, the dealers’s interest first, Shifeng group second.

2, To satisfy the user, make company resting assured and familys happy.

3, To move around the market, follow the market, and change with the market.

4, The market can leave Shifeng but Shifeng can not leave market.

5, Dispatch vehicles is a order.

6, To be user's God.

7, The market is always infinite for an enterprise. 

8, The value of the enterprise is to create customers.

9, Products required by the market is a good one.

● Basic management idea

1, 4 of not to be soft: Not to be soft to grasp safety, not to be soft to grasp quality,  not to be soft to grasp work scene and not to be soft to grasp cleanness.

2, 4 mechanisms construction: To implement commitment mechanism, to strengthen the operational mechanism, to improve supervision mechanism and to form trust mechanism.

3, To tell the truth, do solid work and give real numbers.

4, Safety first, quality first, market demand first and employee benefits first.

5, One hasing money is possible to lose it but one without money can not lose.

6, To work is to emancipate the mind, not to work is not to emancipate the mind

7, Safety first and production second, safety first and service second

8, More characteristics of the enterprise and strong ability to protect themself.

9, It is high level to find problems. It is consiousness to expose problems and it is ability to solve problems.

10, Do not make big money (to maintain a reasonable profit).

11, Solemn promise from Shifeng staff : I complete well the work I can do. I take good care of the things I can. To work hard just can do things right but to work with heart can get things well done .